Wondering what the solution is to getting through that very long to do list?
A Virtual Assistant may be the solution!
  • grow your business without spending too much of your time on administrative duties
  • free your time up to focus on your goals and objectives
  • have the time to build your client base
Keep reading further, as I will tell you about what a Virtual Assistant is and how we can help you!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

The key word is "Virtual", which means or implies the use of technology. A virtual office is one that is outside a traditional office environment, but can still add support to your business needs. In other words Virtual Assistant's supply administrative skills via the phone, internet or fax.

Virtual Assistant or otherwise known as a VA, are entrepreneurs who are in business to help businesses with overflow so that they can attend to their necessary activities to operate their own business.



Here is what people are saying about
Go Virtual Solutions:


“Laurie has been my VA for many years, and she has been invaluable to the growth of my business. She is consistent, knowledgeable, creative and always willing to go the extra mile with a project.  I would highly recommend her services and expertise to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.  Laurie has been a joy to work with and I highly value our professional relationship.”

 - Kelly Chicas MS, LPCC, NCC, CRS, CST www.albuquerquefamilycounseling.com




Why spend the time on tasks or projects that you can outsource. Statistically speaking, your time is better spent on what you do best...so let us help you achieve that. Whether you require something simple as a letter typed, or something more complicated as a PowerPoint presentation, I can help you achieve the goal you are looking for.

Why hire a VA...the reason is very simple. Every business requires administrative support staff and if you do not have the office space or the income to support a full-time staff, then out sourcing is the best solution.

Other factors involved that you do not have to worry about are: cost of payroll, benefits, office equipment, software, etc, which can be very costly.

Look no further -- free up your time with a Virtual Assistant.

  • VA's manage their own expenses.
  • VA's only bill for time spent on projects.
  • They assist you with projects that you just can't get to or keep putting off.

"Over a year ago I was trying to figure out how to set up an email signature with buttons to direct clients to my social media.  I was referred to Laurie Matechuk – a virtual assistant!

After getting the opportunity to speak with Laurie I immediately hired her.  From that day, to present and future she handles all my administrative duties for my business.  This means managing my whole CRM –I didn’t have time to learn what it meant or how to set it up properly, let alone make it work to improve my business.  Laurie took on the task, and delivered a CRM to me that has increased my business tenfold.  She continues to maintain it an introduce new ideas that can improve it all the time!

Her extensive knowledge with programs on the computer and in the mortgage industry also makes her extremely efficient for any tasks you set before her. She has my utmost respect and trust when it comes to handling a task and completing it on time and properly. I have her handle birthday cards, social media updates, articles for my blog, rate sheets, and full out marketing plans from the planning stage to execution.  Again these tasks are all treated with 100% professionalism and delivered perfectly.

Without any hesitation I will always recommend Laurie – both personally and professionally."

Amy Wilson – www.yourmortgagegirl.com


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"Benefit Your Business The Virtual Way"